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 January, 2013

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Vancouver-based Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSX-V; ZC) (FSE: ZCT1) offers investors a unique approach relating to investments in Canada's junior mining sector. While there are a multitude of companies available for direct share investment and several houses offering shares based on revenues from royalties, Zimtu features two distinct means of acquiring potentially profitable positions.

Zimtu's first approach is on the transactional side. They acquire an inventory of properties, across various commodities that are suitable for advancement through the value-creation process via exploration and development. With these properties, the Zimtu team focuses on sourcing suitable management teams and companies that have the ability to move the projects forward while offering support with capital raises and marketing. Once a property transaction is completed with another company, Zimtu receives an equity position within the new company, usually at a seed-level price.

The company then incorporates these shares into their own asset base with the goal of participating in any market value improvement as these projects progress with the goal of increasing share value as Zimtuís stake in their company holdings commensurately improves.

The company has published a normalized and theoretical mining share price history chart, available on the corporate website, which clearly illustrates an important guideline for maximizing potential profits. According to the chart, a typical mining share offers maximum profit potential during the very earliest stages of a company's formation prior to its IPO and during the value-building stage as geologic information such as IP surveys, geologic mapping and drill results are conveyed to the public.

The second approach, and one geared to attracting investors into Zimtu's shares, is to provide company shareholders with the opportunity to acquire their own personal positions in these newly-formed companies at share prices normally available only to start-up partners, most frequently well below IPO pricing. This can be of particular value to moderate-sized investors who otherwise might have little opportunity to participate in new companies at prices normally available only to corporate insiders.

Through this method, Zimtu has participated in several companies which have provided substantial rewards to investors including names such as Western Potash Corp., Commerce Resources Corp., Kiberan Nickel, and Evolving Gold Corp.

The company is focused on establishing assets in particular segments of mining where the profit opportunities appear to be particularly promising. In the past this has meant involvement in specialty and rare earth mineral exploration as well as potash exploration and development. One of their current focuses is in the developing field of graphite exploration. Zimtu also attempts to concentrate their investments in politically secure nations such as Canada although occasional investments have been made in nations such as Turkey and Brazil. However, countries noted for political instability or excessive taxation and regulation are usually avoided.

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Zimtu Capital Corp.

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